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Basic Electricity for the Cost of Sunshine

Currently, it is estimated that there are over 4 million households without basic electricity in South Africa, as well as numerous households, farms, game lodges and campgrounds that are affected by the rising cost of grid powered electricity. Add to this, the fact that the electricity supply cannot meet current demands and regularly leaves people in the dark. Common alternative solutions such as paraffin or gas lamps and stoves come with the ever present risk of fire, damage and loss of life.

The safe alternative solution is to provide people with renewable solar energy and the Insele Solar range subscribes to this goal.

Tough, Durable and Reliable
Quad Lamp Dual USB Output
Intelligent Battery Management System

The Insele Solar Charger unit has been designed for homes, lodges, farms, recreational camping and those living in rural areas where the electricity required just to provide a comfortable source of light is becoming more unaffordable and unreliable. At the heart of the Insele unit is a complete locally made solar intelligent battery management system.

The unit powers up to 4 of our high brightness, low energy, dual function LED lights, which can be easily fitted to the walls or ceilings of any dwelling. The unit also provides two USB power outputs and one car charger (cigarette lighter) socket.

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Helping the Community

Our largest distributer and installer is currently Segametsi Hope, a community based organization that works towards creating sustainable business solutions in the informal sector.

Segametsi takes pride in recruiting local installation teams in every allocated settlement that supports their own experienced solar team. The local recruits are given SAQA accredited solar installation training and then registered as a new cooperative.

Segametsi, following the completion of a settlement, works directly with the cooperative of local recruits to develop a sustainable business plan. Segametsi then provides micro-loans as seed capital to assist the cooperative start their entrepreneurial business along with continual business mentorship and administrative assistance. In this way, Segametsi does not provide temporary jobs to installations teams but rather long term, sustainable, empowering opportunities.