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Mini-Insele Solar Charger

Keeping you out of the Dark

This low cost, entry level unit is supplied with a rechargeable 8AH 12V Gel Battery, which contains 96WH of energy. The unit can power up to 4 (2 included) low power Insele LED lights, which provide enough light to fully illuminate a small sized dwelling eliminating the need for potentially dangerous paraffin lamps, oil lamps or candles during load shedding or whilst camping.

Mini-Insele Details

Insele Solar ChargerInsele Solar Charger

Basic Electricity for the Cost of Sunshine

The Insele Solar Charger unit has been designed for homes, lodges, farms, recreational camping and those living in rural areas where the electricity required just to provide a comfortable source of light is becoming more unaffordable and unreliable.
At the heart of the Insele unit is a complete locally made solar intelligent battery management system.
The unit also provides two USB power outputs and one 12V socket (cigarette lighter).
Also avaiable in an emergeny lighting version.

Insele Solar Charger Details
Insele Backup Light Details

350W UnitInsele Solar Charger 350Watt

Basic Electricity for the Cost of Sunshine

A larger version of the standard Insele Solar Charger unit, the 350WH Charger Unit has been designed for those with larger electricity needs. The unit can run 8 - 16 low power high bright designer LED lights, has 4 USB charging ports and a 12V socket to provide all basic electricity.

800W UnitInsele Solar Charger 800WH + 220V Inverter

Free Yourself from the Constraints of Load Shedding

The largest of the Insele range, the 800WH Insele Solar Charger with Inverter is the ultimate solar solution for many basic household and recreational power needs. Perfect for homes, lodges, farms and or camping sites where no grid electricity is available. The unit also sports a full colour touch screen display which allows you to fully control the unit, as well as displaying your current power usage allowing you to easily manage your power consumption.

Insele Solar Charger 800WH Details


The following accessories are available from your Insele dealer:

Solar Panels

Solar Panel

Available in 20W, 40W, 100W & 250W, all Insele replacement or additional solar panels come with mounting kits and are locally sourced. Utilising Mono/ Polycrystalline technology the modules are among the most efficient available. Insele solar strive to supply our customers with the most efficient photo voltaic technology available in the market at any given time. All our solar panels have a estimated lifespan of more than 30 years when correctly maintained.

Insele LED Lights

Insele Solar Light Insele Solar Downlight

These stylish lights were made specifically for the Insele Solar product range. Available in two casings (wallmount and downlight) with multiple finishes and colours. Easily fitted to the walls or ceilings of any dwelling, the downlight version can be swopped with any standard downlight (75mm Hole), with no additional sizing needed. Simply plug the lights into an Insele Unit and begin lighting your home.

The Insele LED Lights are also available in a 220VAC version and can be connected directly to the existing wiring in your home with no additional driver required.

Multi-coloured Lights

12V, 19" LED Television

TV Set

The optional 19" Insele HD Ready LED TV is compatible with the Insele Solar Charger, 350WH and 800WH systems. Operating from either a light output on the smaller system or from the dedicated DC outputs on the 350WH and 800WH units, this little TV will fullfill all your entertainment needs. Complete with RF, A/V, USB and HDMI inputs and compatible with all decoders and set-top boxes.